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Is Play Therapy Right for My Child?

We can't expect our children to come into a counselor's office and feel completely comfortable "talking". Since children often lack the higher level verbal cognitive skills, Play Therapy helps children communicate with the use of toys as a means of expression. Children are given a wide variety of toys including aggressive, expressive and artistic to communicate problems and difficulties to the therapist. The Play Therapist helps children tap into their emotions to facilitate change. The therapist observes the child's themes during play to discover the inner barriers the child is experiencing.

What makes us different from other therapists?

We believe play activities can be successfully used in all age groups. Jackie utilizes several expressive arts activities, especially sand tray, to help clients tap into their creative side while successfully focusing on the difficult emotions that are causing pain. Jackie provides a safe, confidential and caring environment to help clients become aware of their behaviors, facilitate change and allow the power of healing.

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Signs You May Need Help

  • You are unsure how to deal with emotions related to anger, depression, or  anxiety
  • You have difficulty getting along with others
  • You are looking to make significant changes in your life
  • You have feelings of inadequacy toward yourself


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