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Family Counseling

There is no such thing as the perfect marriage or family. Every family is unique with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes families get overwhelmed by what seems like an endless list of challenges when it comes to juggling work, school and individual family members' needs. And sometimes families are blindsided by a huge upheaval such as a mental or physical illness, a job loss, or an addiction. Even "joyful" events such as a wedding, a job promotion, or a financial windfall can disrupt a family with unexpected consequences.

Families are much more than groups of people who share the same genes or the same address. They should be a source of support and encouragement. This does not mean that everyone gets along all the time. Conflicts are a part of family life. Listening to each other and working to resolve conflicts are important in strengthening the couple or family.Through marriage counseling or family therapy, families or individuals within a family learn better ways to interact with each other and resolve conflicts. If your marriage or family is feeling torn apart, family therapy may help you heal.

Treatment for families sometimes would depend upon the nature of the problems and the willingness and ability of family members to participate. Sometimes couples or individual therapy may be in order or it may be that family group therapy combined with individual therapy is beneficial, too.

Signs You May Need Help

  • You are unsure how to deal with emotions related to anger, depression, or  anxiety
  • You have difficulty getting along with others
  • You are looking to make significant changes in your life
  • You have feelings of inadequacy toward yourself


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